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Hearing Aid Repair

Regular maintenance is the key
to a problem free, extended life for your hearing aid.

Today's hearing aids are complex computers, and require proper maintenance. Our audiologist can perform a number of services to keep your hearing aid working properly to deliver the best possible sound.  

  • Cleaning.  Earwax and debris, including dirt and skin cells, lead to performance issues. We can clean your device thoroughly without damaging the speaker, microphone, electronics and other components. We also replace domes, wax filters and batteries to improve sound quality.

  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance for your hearing aids, every 4-6 months, will deliver the best possible sound in addition to cleaning your hearing aids daily.

  • Repair. Our audiologist can repair many hearing aids by replacing worn or faulty parts.  However, if your device is over five years old, it may become increasingly difficult to find new parts; companies usually manufacture parts for their hearing aids only for a short time, discontinuing them to make way for newer models.

  • Reprogram. The performance of your device can be enhanced by reprogramming as well. The best part of today’s technology is that it is able to adapt as your hearing needs change. Our ears change over time and may need additional adjustment. We can assess your hearing and determine what adjustments need to be made to your current hearing aids to better serve your ears.

Hearing Aid Maintenance to keep your device(s) up and running.
For more information about hearing aid repairs, contact us today!
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