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Made for iPhone or Android Hearing Aids


Having hearing aids that connect to your iPhone will forever change how you interact with the technology around you. Phone calls are a breeze. Just hit answer, and the conversation streams automatically to your hearing aids. With the conversation happening right in your ear, you can stop stressing every time the phone rings, and enjoy talking to your friends on the phone again.

With made for iPhone hearing aids, you can say goodbye to endlessly fiddling to try to find the right settings. You can manage all the programs and settings easily and discreetly from your iPhone. Just download an easy to use app and take control of your hearing. It’s easy to switch between programs or change the volume using the app on your phone. You can even save your own settings with the location attached, meaning settings can save settings based on geographic location. You can save program choices for work, home, or the gym, never having to lift a finger or draw attention to your hearing aids.

If you are looking for a high quality,

made for iPhone hearing aid that has it all,

Call us to talk about your options!

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